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Parent using CoughDrop AAC language development app with daughter




CoughDrop is committed to working with other companies and organizations to provide communicators with the best possible experience. Here are some of the partners and compatible resources we have available.


The community partner section is the main area to focus on Forbes AAC as CoughDrop’s hardware partner. While CoughDrop is device agnostic and works with the speech devices from companies listed below, it is specially designed with exclusive premium content only available on a Forbes AAC device. CoughDrop will be pre-installed along with the premium content when purchased along with your Forbes AAC speech device. Forbes AAC Assistive Technology Specialists work in conjunction with local SLPs to ensure the process from evaluation to device funding and set-up is seamless. Visit the Forbes AAC website or ask your SLP to learn more.

CoughDrop Premium pagesets exclusively from Forbes AAC

ABLENET AbleNet works with insurance to get their QuickTalker FreeStyle dedicated tablet funded with CoughDrop pre-installed.

TALK TO ME TECHNOLOGIES Talk to Me Technologies provides assessments by practitioners and obtains funding for the best-matching solution, including CoughDrop.

THE NIKA PROJECT The Nika Project delivers repurposed tablets as AAC solutions, including CoughDrop, to communicators around the world.

ACAPELA  Acapela provides premium synthesized voices for speech generation. Acapela voices in CoughDrop for iOS, Android and Windows.


CoughDrop has partnered with a number of different symbol libraries to provide customers with flexibility to choose the images and symbols that will work best for them.

OPENSYMBOLS ​OpenSymbols, an OpenAAC project, is a collection of free, open-licensed symbols that anyone can use with attribution to create lessons, activities, etc. using the same symbols as CoughDrop.

LESSONPIX LessonPix is a collection of over 40,000 simplified symbols with built-in templates for different learning activities and resources. The symbols are adaptable and can be combined to create unique icons personalized for communicators.

SYMBOLSTIX (NEWS2YOU) SymbolStix is a symbol library by News2You with contemporary symbols, accompanying activity generators, and news resources that all use the same stick-figure style.

TOBII DYNAVOX The PCS (BoardMaker) symbols by Tobii Dynavox are a library of hand-drawn symbols that are also included in the BoardMaker app.



CoughDrop's built-in switch-activated scanning will work with one or two switch actions. Most if not all bluetooth switches should work with CoughDrop via keyboard emulation, and on Windows other keyboard-style switches can also be configured in a user's preferences.


On Windows devices, you can download and install the CoughDrop app to use CoughDrop with hardware eye trackers. Settings like dwell time and activation distance can be configured in a user's preferences. CoughDrop is compatible with many different eye trackers, including hardware from Forbes AAC, our preferred partner. Forbes AAC hardware uses both Windows or iOS but also compatible with other brands of eye trackers.

ProSlate 13 EE_34R_Quick Core 12_web.png
WinSlate HIRU 34 frontL_fade pole CoreWord 6.png


The mouse cursor on Windows can be controlled by many different kinds of interface, including some header pointers and head mouse tools. These apps and devices can be configured using CoughDrop's built-in dwell tracking, available on some platforms.

CAMERA MOUSE ​Camera Mouse is a free head-tracking Windows app that uses the computer's camera to control the mouse cursor.

SMYLE MOUSE Smylee Mouse is a Windows app that uses the camera to track your head movements, and allows you to "click" using facial gestures.

JOYSTICKS/CONTROLLERS  Gaming controllers and handheld mouse controllers can also be used with CoughDrop, with an optional button selection mode.




ANDROID/IOS AR  CoughDrop integrates with Augmented Reality libraries called ARCore and ARKit to provide head tracking on enabled Android/iOS devices.

Joystick and controllers can be used with CoughDrop app for AAC communicators
CoughDrop Android and iOS augmented reality integration for AAC users


Some devices don't have loud enough speakers, or have speakers that point the wrong direction so they don't help a communicator speak effectively. Bluetooth speakers can be used with CoughDrop to facilitate communication, and even to make using CoughDrop just a little more fun. A superior bluetooth speaker in the AAC arena is the SoundPOD from Forbes AAC, which is included on all the ProSlate and WinSlate devices.

Chili Pepper PS10 back L 34 tilt_small.png
WinSlate Hiru 03 21_soundpod.png

There are bluetooth speakers available through Amazon if you have a different device and would like to try and augment the sound.


For some users it can be hard to get their fingers down on the right buttons. Keyguards can help them navigate to the right place, and some companies can create custom keyguards for just about any CoughDrop board configuration. 

PS 10 blue keyguard alt.png

Using a speech generating device from a different manufacturer? Here are some options for keyguards.

KeyGuard Assistive Technology can create custom keyguards for many different tablets and devices. By sending them a screenshot from the device they can support many CoughDrop configurations.

LoganTech provides custom keyboards and case combinations for different CoughDrop layouts.

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