CoughDrop Partners

CoughDrop partners with many different organizations to keep pushing the limits of what is possible with AAC.

CoughDrop Partners and Supported Integrations

CoughDrop is committed to working with other companies and organizations to provide communicators with the best possible experience. Here are some of the partners and compatible resources we have available.

Community Partners

Community partners are technical and support partners that provide assistive technology resources and tools that can also make CoughDrop usage more effective for some communicators and their support teams.

Compatible Hardware


CoughDrop's built-in switch-activated scanning will work with one or two switch actions. Most if not all bluetooth switches should work with CoughDrop via keyboard emulation, and on Windows other keyboard-style switches can also be configured in a user's preferences.

  • AbleNet Blue2

    The Blue2 switch worked with mobile and Windows devices and provides one and two-button switch control.

Alternative Access

On Windows devices, you can download and install the CoughDrop app to use CoughDrop with hardware eye trackers. Settings like dwell time and activation distance can be configured in a user's preferences.

  • Eye Trackers

    CoughDrop is compatible with many different eye trackers, including hardware from Tobii, Eyetech and LC Technologies. It will even work with consumer-grade gaming eye trackers like the Tobii 4C.

Head Pointers and Mice

The mouse cursor on Windows can be controlled by many different kinds of interface, including some header pointers and head mouse tools. These apps and devices can be configured using CoughDrop's built-in dwell tracking, available in the Windows CoughDrop app.

  • Camera Mouse

    Camera Mouse is a free head-tracking Windows app that uses the computer's camera to control the mouse cursor.

  • Joysticks/Controllers

    Gaming controllers and handheld mouse controllers can also be used with CoughDrop, with optional button selection mode.

Bluetooth Speakers

Some devices don't have loud enough speakers, or have speakers that point the wrong direction so they don't help a communicator speak effectively. Bluetooth speakers can be used with CoughDrop to facilitate communication, and even to make using CoughDrop just a little more fun.

  • ION Clipster

    ION Clipster is a clip-on bluetooth speaker that can connect to devices and provide additional volume and direct sound out in from of the communicator.

  • Bluebee Pals

    Bluebee Pals are cute stuffed animals with a built-in bluetooth speaker whose mouths move as they speak. They can be a great reinforcement tool for developing communicators.

Key Guards

For some users it can be hard to get their fingers down on the right buttons. Keyguards can help them navigate to the right place, and some companies can create custom keyguards for just about any CoughDrop board configuration.