CoughDrop Site License

Additional features and bulk pricing options for multiple AAC users

Welcome to the AAC Partnership

AAC implementations are an ongoing process, not a buy-and-you're-done transaction. At CoughDrop we understand this, and we collaborate with organizations both large and small to support their unique needs and to improve the lives of their clients -- whether they currently choose CoughDrop or not.

Nobody Through the Cracks

The AAC implementation process is unique to each individual, both in timing and in their final choice of app, vocabulary, etc. CoughDrop site licenses allow you to support all AAC users in a single view, and to create vocabularies or templates that can be used by any staff member on their own device, on a projector, or with printed copies so AAC can easily reach everyone who can benefit.

Optimize Budget

Let's face it, there are more people who can benefit from AAC supports than are currently getting it, but often your budget can only stretch far enough to help those with the most need. With a CoughDrop site license you can extend the reach of your AAC program beyond a few AAG users. You can re-assign licenses as people come and go, and manage everyone' access from a single dashboard.

Solve Your Problems

Every district and institution is unique. You have worked hard to implement a solution that makes a difference for the people you serve. With a CoughDrop site license you can support AAC users regardless of whether they use the CoughDrop AAC app or something else. You can organize your teams in the way that makes sense for you, and leverage the existing devices you have implemented.

Keep Everyone Improving

Continuing education is an ongoing process, and making sure everyong is up-to-date on industry best-practices can feel like a tall order. With a CoughDrop site license you'll find built-in tools to organize your staff and clients, and easy-to-use profiling and evaluation tools to measure growth and learning over time. You can set room-level goals and check progress towards those goals for each individual -- no matter what type of AAC they use -- so no one gets left behind.

Gain a Partner

At CoughDrop we work with each organization to meet their specific needs. We can support single sign-on solution, and custom support needs. Each site license gets their own branded interface within CoughDrop and annual team training sessions are available to keep everyone aware of the best strategies and how to leverage them with the CoughDrop AAC system.

Ready to Go?

Up to 50 AAC users for $1,000/year (USD)

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